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    “A thousand-li journey begins with the first step.”NANJING BUSINESS & TOURISM CORP.,LTD.was founded at the beginning of China’s reform and opening and established itself as a stock company in 1994. In 2001, the company succeeded in being listed in the Shanghai Stocks Exchange. In the following twenty-fifth years, the company has maintained a rapid development rate that its export income has soured from 23 million dollars in 1990 to 500 million in 2003. Our company has also enjoyed a relatively high prestige and certain brand popularity among oversea customers. Meanwhile, the company has dominated an advantageous position in the textile and garment trade market both at home and abroad. All these achievements should be attributed to our staff’s resolution in forging ahead and devotion in exploring the potential market.

    NANJING BUSINESS & TOURISM CORP.,LTD. boasts worldwide customer sources, a rapid and agile responsive system, regional-advantage-depended supply of goods, high credit and well-known brand, as well as youthful marketing specialists. All these elements ensure the company successful in the competition in the world textile and garment trade market. Our company always regards difficulties as opportunities, emphasizes greatly on real conditions, employs innovative conception and expands the way of thinking. In the increasingly competitive market environment, our company races to seize every chance to blaze new trails, optimizes the management to give full freedom for our personnel to develop and utilize their abilities, besides, we resolutely grasps every opportunity to develop our business by fully employing its advantages of its own marketing system, human resources, specialized skills, market share and capital. In recent years, the company has established an integrated logistics system and information system to closely follow the international fashion trend. With the development of our major business of importing and exporting textiles and garments, our company combines its relative advantages with the valid demands of the international market in a scientific and efficient way. The company attaches equal importance to its export enterprise and the foreign-oriented cooperation in economy, technology and labor services. It expands the trade scope and stimulates the increase in trade volume by means of long-term foreign trade cooperation and oversea investment. The company enhances both width and depth of the investment in enterprise research and development, and explores the diversities of marketing strategy. Through the above efforts, our company will mold itself as a strong international group incorporating trade, engineering and science.

    Wonderful ability to guarantee the quality of goods is a powerful international “pass” for our company to explore the market. In the past years, our company treats quality as the enterprise’s life and persistently adheres to the principle that “attaching the utmost importance to quality and service”. In 2001, the company won the certificate of ISO9001: 2000 International Norms. By means of its systematic and standardized quality of the market and suppliers, and the expansion of high-quality goods reserve, our company guarantees the quality of goods and continuously improve the quality of services and products, which earns us a multitude of Chinese and oversea customers, a stable market share and a high prestige.

    Looking ahead, we are filled with boundless confidence. Our company will unswervingly adhere to the operating principle of “winning value for customers, increasing rewards for stock holders, providing opportunities to the staff and creating fortune for the society”. Depending on the modern scientific management in high-level business moral and more advanced management conception, and with a broader mind, our company will take in talented personnel and make progress to build up splendid future in the heartfelt cooperation with our friends from all walks of life.